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“These may be the last letters I ever write her.” That’s what Andrew Duhon told colleagues when they asked about the songs that became False River, which the New Orleans-based artist released independently on May 25. And False River feels revealing and vital, like key pages torn from a man’s most intimate journaled thoughts. “I admire songs that tell a more honest, complicated love story,” says Duhon, whose previous release — 2013’s The Moorings — earned a GRAMMY nomination for Best Engineered Album. After five years, Duhon had something new to tell of his story — not something comfortable but something courageous, not something easy but something true. An album about love that was more than love songs. “I’m right there with everybody else, finding out just how complicated love can be,” he says. “I'd been on again off again with the best gal I'd ever known for more than five years. She was stalwart, sure of her love, willing to wait. I was unsure, c