Sat, Jan 12
05:30 PM

  830 E Burnside St
Portland, Oregon,United States 97214




From the moment of their inception, MAE have existed in the cross-sectional spaces of creation. Art and innovation. Intricacy and accessibility. Beauty and chaos. Head and heart. Theirs was a meticulous crafting of soundscapes; painstakingly deliberate and blissfully spontaneous. This multidimensional juxtaposition formed the friction point that sparked the creation of their now-classic early releases (2003’s Destination: Beautiful and 2005’s The Everglow ), as well as the flame that guided their continued exploration throughout the ensuing decade (Capitol debut, Singularity , and the self-released Morning, Afternoon and Evening E.P.s). Attempts to categorize the band’s sound were made regularly and typically culminated in a hyphenated variation of the nebulous “emo” catch-all. But, the defining thread of MAE’s creation was their uncanny ability to find the heartstrings of the listener and make them resonate with a sympathetic hum. However, within those juxta