Psyvera, Tamiw, Visions Into The Night

  Sun, May 19
06:00 PM

  500 4th St
San Francisco, California,United States 94107




Psyvera invites you into a dreamy journey of the visionary soul and the divinity of the universe. Combining the nature of earth with the unlimited potential of space, Psyvera brings a fun and whimsical new take on the psyche-pop genre. Austin Sybouts and Ray Ray met in 2017 and quickly fell in love with not only each other, but the musical and cultural concept of “Psyvera”. Their name would later become the alien goddess of love represented by their music and logo. They wish to inspire a the new generation to step outside the boundaries of normality and seek unity, curiosity, peace, and the energy of the world. The music gives the message of a natural world that has found serenity. Drawing inspiration from their spiritual lifestyles while merging RnB, house, psytrance, and world music, they hope to bring humankind and the earth closer together. Take the journey of life and love with Psyvera flying along side you.