Mon, May 20
08:00 PM

  1099 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, Goa,United States 30307




The story of Mura Masa is one to remind people that there's still room for optimism about the "internet generation." Only just out of his teens, Alex Crossan has shown how someone with an appetite for knowledge, even if their upbringing has been isolated, can make full use of having the world at their fingertips without getting overwhelmed by "too much information." Not only that, but again and again he's proving that it's possible parlay the myriad of potential influences that are available to anyone with a broadband connection into something unique, future-facing and accidentally popular. Like, over 200 million streams popular. Now, he's gone a step further and turned all that ability and promise into a playful, ambitious and entirely 'Mura Masa' debut album. It's a record that, in his words, captures "the confusion and chaos of being 20 and living in London for the first time." An album that features an extraordinarily diverse mix of guests, ranging from Damon Albarn and Christin