Sun, May 19
08:00 PM

  2721 Larimer St
Denver, Colorado,United States 80205




WEEED’s 6th LP, "You Are The Sky", finds the Portland, OR quintet shedding much of their sonic past to offer an introspective, self-loving narrative woven to surprising arrangements that snag the ear. Over the last year, a metamorphosis has taken place within the band where two drummers have become three, and a singer has become a father. The lyrical narrative has changed to an uplifting blissed out mantra; the music a nod to the inexplicable sounds of CAN, King Gizz, Faust, and Spacemen 3. You Are the Sky begins with the aptly titled “Opening”, a bubbling rise of loops and drones and phantasmal flute runs, from which the guitar introduces a melancholic refrain and the band kicks in to a polyrhythmic groove that showcases their familiarity with improvisation. Quickly, however, that free-formedness melts smoothly into the gleaming vocals and infectious swing of “I See You”, harkening more consciously crafted material to follow . “Where Did You Go”, for example, propels a m