The Underachievers

  Fri, May 31
11:30 PM

  217 E Houston St
New York, New York,United States 10002




Six years since exploding on YouTube with “Herb Shuttles” and “Gold Soul Theory,” The Underachievers have made their mark as the Beast Coast’s philosophical MCs. Alongside Pro Era and Flatbush Zombies, AK the Savior and Issa Gold have found their footing as New York’s Indigo children who bring us closer to our true essence through woke lessons and druggy atmospheres. After their 2017 album Renaissance, which was the creative pinnacle of this mood, The Underachievers are heading in a new direction on After the Rain, slated for November 9, one that finds them exploring more melodic soundscapes for the first time. “We knew we wanted melody and we wanted more fun lyrics. Easier, digestible lyrics,” Issa said. “We really went in with a mindset. We were just formulating ideas. Then once the instrumentals came in a package. Here’s fucking 10. ‘Oh, this what we got?’ It’s sun, shining day now. Brasstracks drove the theme of that for sure.” Produced entirely by