Sat, Jul 13
07:00 PM

  217 E Houston St
New York, New York,United States 10002




The latest: We’re in the process of making our 5th full-length album (and 2 bonus albums) after an amazing Kickstarter campaign. Things are coming along! We're also going to be playing some shows this summer, with some "special guests," omg. And some backstory: • We formed in Boston in the summer of 1999, a time and place where electropop bands were exceedingly rare. • Released two homemade EPs, built a website, animated a video (these things were BIG deals back then, and it even got us a writeup in Wired for our DIY-meets-techy- goodness aesthetic). • Our debut album, 2000’s Freezepop Forever, was released domestically on our own label, Archenemy, and licensed in Europe by the Spanish indiepop label Elefant. • In 2004, put out our sophomore album, Fancy Ultra•Fresh. • In 2008, after eight years of self-releasing our music, we partnered with Rykodisc/ Cordless Recordings for our third album, Future Future Future Perfect, and the single “Less Talk More