Sat, Jun 22
02:00 PM

  7 S Broadway
Denver, Colorado,United States 80209




Trve Brewing's 7th anniversary bacchanal combined with the bi-annual Denver All Day Fest AKA DAD FEST aka Festival of Denver's Finest More Festival. We're combining because no one has the energy to go to/organize two festivals. Cooperation is cool. I learned about it in Kindergarten. I may have learned about beer then as well because my dad used to give me little cups of beer because it was the '80s and it was a different time. Anyway, see you there. Hi-Dive VANUM WAKE BIG BRAVE OF FEATHER AND BONE DREADNOUGHT VALE IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS MIDWIFE NOCTAMBULIST MATRIARCH Mutiny PAGE 27 DATA RAINBOW HEATHEN BURIAL FLESH BUZZARD 908 WHILT LIVID A LIGHT AMONG MANY CHAIR OF TORTURE NEW STANDARDS MEN TWO HEADED WHALE LOST RELICS