Deadbeat Darling

  Fri, Jun 14
07:00 PM

  217 E Houston St
New York, New York,United States 10002




After a much needed hiatus, New York four-piece Deadbeat Darling is spending time on a new EP these days. In March 2011, the band was signed by UK label Spearhavoc Records and was promptly whisked away from Brooklyn to record in Wales with Grammy award winning producer Ken Nelson. The album, titled "THE ANGEL'S SHARE", was released in 2012. With a bit of downtown swagger and post-indie charm, their sound weaves together rock with hints of surf and dub . A native of either extreme, their lifestyle has toggled between Brooklyn dive bars and the mise en scene of the West Side's fashion district; their live show is a sweaty barrage of unrestrained energy and mischievous sway that leaves little doubt as to why Deadbeat Darling has garnered such a rabid and eclectic following...