Thu, May 30
08:00 PM

  7 S Broadway
Denver, Colorado,United States 80209




Bison Bone is a working class Americana Rock band from Denver, CO. They have shared the stage with the Son Volt, American Aquarium, Susto, Corb Lund, Israel Nash. 'Bison Bone masterfully blends alt-country with experimental guitar rock with thoughtful, evocative storytelling. One is struck by how Courtney Whitehead and the rest of the band make their take on country and rock very much their own thing. You hear nods to Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons and others who connected the rootsy warmth of country with an otherworldly energy except that Bison Bone is connected to another realm of the cosmos and the songs transform intense, potentially soul crushing pain into inspiration and catharsis.' - Queen City Sound and Art "Bison Bone’s new single Crying Shame is exactly what Americana rock should sound like. It has plenty of soul and with the deep hearty vocals it feels like the singer truly knows the pain of what the song describes. Couple that with the strong guitar riff and you’