Mauno, Jo Passed, Josiah Flores

  Sun, Jul 14
06:00 PM

  500 4th St
San Francisco, California,United States 94107




Really Well?, the title of Halifax band Mauno’s new full-length record, comes from a line in the opening track, “Really Really,” which is sung by vocalist and bassist Eliza Niemi. “Ask me how it goes and I’ll tell you all about how I’m doing really well,” she sings over brisk, skiffle-ish fingerpicking. On its face, it’s a pensive track that Niemi calls warbly and wilting, but the subtext is a certain self-deprecation; Niemi explains that it illuminates the humour of empty small talk, which doesn’t actually invite honesty. ?Really Well?, like it’s namesake track and the band which recorded it, is always acutely aware of this: interactions that feign intimacy and authenticity, what is really contained beneath them, and the strange comedy that lives in between them.