Sun, Jul 14
08:00 PM

  155 Fell St
San Francisco, California,United States 94102




Alternative Tentacles Records is proud to announce the release of THE DARTS (US) 2nd full length LP I Like You But Not Like That, available online and in stores near you May 24th of 2019. THE DARTS (US) have exploded onto the scene with a fiercely classic sound that invests deeply in late 60’s garage, incorporating tones of horror-punk and garage-psych. Live, THE DARTS hurtle through songs with the reckless abandon of a freight train about to run off the rails, while their calculated musicianship sets a seamless trajectory of grooving hooks and restless boogie back beats. If Elvira and Wednesday Adams consumed the flesh of man, drank shots of snake venom, started a garage rock band, and played the bride of Frankenstein’s bachelorette party, it would probably sound exactly like THE DARTS. The band formed in early 2016, after vocalist/keyboardist Nicole Laurenne (The Love Me Nots, Motobunny, Zero Zero) and bassist Christina “Madcap” Nunez (The Love Me Nots, The Madcaps) decide