Daisy Raygun, Half Hadley, The Textiles

  Mon, Aug 26
07:30 PM

  327 Bowery
New York, New York,United States 10003




Is it psychedelic? Is it punk? Is it just energetic rock n roll? It's Daisy Raygun! Vocals/Guitars/Telephone/Bass operated by Orion Perenyi Bass/Guitar/Vocals driven by Matt Wickline Synthesizer/Guitar/Bass piloted by Jesse Cristofaro Drumkit attacked by Emmett Wechsler Four fellas with an HQ in the Lower Hudson Valley invite each audience into their own motion-music-microcosm for a slew of tunes that has been described by friendly strangers and stranger-friends alike as "relentless" and "unique". They have just released their first single, Into The Hop (b/w) Fix It All, digitally to whatever corners of the world wide web that will receive them, and plans are in motion to put it on vinyl and to follow up with a full-length LP! In other words, DAISY RAYGUN LIVES!