Sonic Skillet, The Midnight Dip, Vacant Youth Kings

  Fri, Jul 12
09:00 PM

  500 4th St
San Francisco, California,United States 94107




Serving up sweet sounds, Sonic Skillet is ready to bring the groove. Combining elements of jazz, funk, and rock, this 7-piece group of diverse musicians creates a fiery blend that calls audiences to get up and move. Each member adds their own flavor to the mix. Noah Stid (lead vocals/ guitar) captivates audiences with his powerful vocals and lively guitar solos. Alois Cerbu (piano) uses his vast musical knowledge and dexterity to fly across the keys creating beautiful melodies. Brett Warren (bass) a master at his craft drives the rhythm and groove. Stefan Turkowski (guitar/ backup vocals) delivers fantastic energy through wicked wah and clever licks. Caleb Sanders (Sax) and Micah Marmorstein (Trumpet) bring amazing energy and flavor to the group. Joe Alameda (drums) holds it all down, leading the group through complex time signatures and tempo changes with ease, keeping audiences on their toes.