Indaskies - The Movement Continues Summer Tour

  Sun, Jul 14
07:30 PM

  18307 Egret Bay Blvd
Houston, Texas,United States 77058




InDaSkies was created during the fall of 2012. No one anticipated that what started in a friends garage would turn in to something awesome! Joe Started to write some lyrics for the original tunes he had played for years around the house and instrumental songs that he would jam for friends. What Really broke the ice was when Joe started to appear at local open mics @ cockeyed seagull, Cabo, Union Tavern, and Fatty's. InDaSkies gained the luv and respect from other performing local artist which eventually lead to finding the missing band mates InDaSkies needed to fill out the sound. The band went through a few members along the way and could never find the right fit. Then in 2013 Joe came across two friends that were looking for a new project introducing Steve Mcdonald and Charlie Glen to complete the rhythm section for InDaSkies! InDaSkies played as a four piece band for the majority of 2014 but there was still something missing. InDaSkies had the opportunity to play a few shows with th