Javelina, The Blood Wisdom, The Downhill Jam, Strange Mistress...

  Fri, Sep 13
08:00 PM

  6010 W Pico Blvd
Los angeles, California 90035




When you listen to JAVELINA, you hear medium speed Black Sabbath playing the Cars, Scratch Acid, The Pixies, and a smidge of Devo. The band members are personally influenced by Soundgarden, Nirvana, unicorn pool floats, The Beatles, alcohol, NWA, the California desert, butane rednecks, punk rock and its philosophy, Saccharine Trust, the hard rock, unaccompanied spirituals, and Dream Theater. JAVELINA sees thru the smoke screen of the corporate machine as it continues to gain momentum in the pursuit to package and sell rebellion to unassuming youth. As the commercial locusts attach to and blanket the few authentic things there are. Does JAVELINA plan to inject this greedy host with a virus and destroy it from the inside? NAH HOMIE! We plan to sign on the dotted line and sell out HARD. HARD. HARD.