Anna Of The North

  Fri, Feb 14
08:00 PM

  6 Delancey St
New York, New York,United States 10002




Just after finishing her second album, Dream Girl, Anna of the North saw a psychologist. ‘She was very wise,’ says Anna now. ‘And she said to me, remember in the future that this was what you were thinking at this point in your life.’ It is two years since Anna wound down the campaign for her first record, ‘Lovers’. A lot had happened in the interim. ‘She said, remember this is why it sounds like it does and it means what it says. Because you will never feel exactly like that again.’ Anna thought a little about what this might mean. She says she is customarily ‘super-terrified’ before putting a record out at the best of times. But the words of an analyst made sense to her, ‘Whatever you do in life is never a mistake. It’s just where you were at that moment’. On the release of her otherworldly dream-pop debut in 2017, Anna’s tender phrasing and tough lyrical storytelling pricked all the right ears, building her a devoted fanbase, falling feet-first into th