Fri, Jul 03
08:30 PM

  460 N 9th Street
Philadelphia, Para,United States 19123




He is without question one of our city’s all-time favorites. The epic feels. The filthy wubs. The Anjuna melodies. He is the love-child of our favorite styles of dance music. His productions are tales of redemption. His DJ sets are explorations into our inner selves. His approachable demeanor is everything fans hope of their favorite artist. He is Seven Lions. And he returns to Philadelphia this Fall. As only a true champion can, Seven Lions has added a diverse array of heavy hitters to support this already amazing show. Amongst them are 1 of the most respected production duos in dance music in Pegboard Nerds, one of the bass music’s filthiest heads in Xilent, and a rising star of our beloved Anjunabeats family. Stacked doesn’t begin to describe it.